Exchange Agreements

Some people prefer to be relaxed about their exchange agreements while others prefer to agree on all the small details up-front. There are pros and cons for both approaches. You need to decide which one suits you, your needs and expectations best. However, both approaches should be based on mutual trust, commitment and respect.

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We encourage all of our Members to use exchange agreements. Our experience has shown they support clear communication. They can also help to avoid any misunderstandings.

Our secure Messaging System has a small exchange agreement incorporated into it. This will help you manage all steps of the exchange process. We strongly recommend you use it when arranging a swap. 

We have also created detailed exchange agreements which you can find at the bottom of this article.
  1. Download the agreement, sign it and send it to your exchange partner. 
  2. Ask your partner to return a signed copy if they are happy with the agreement. 
  3. If your exchange partner sends you a slightly different confirmation form first, that's fine. If any aspects of your exchange arrangements don't appear to be covered, just add the details before returning a copy to your exchange partner. 

Why is this important?

Agreeing to an exchange is a serious commitment. People make plans, buy airline tickets and travel insurance which are usually all non-refundable.

The only reasons to cancel an exchange are death or a serious illness in the family. If you cancel the agreed exchange you will hurt the other side financially. 

Do not buy tickets until you are sure you have a firm exchange agreement. When you both agree to go ahead and buy your tickets, you may like to exchange itineraries as extra reassurance for both parties. When buying travel insurance, check that your policy will cover you if your exchange partners must cancel due to death or a serious illness in the family (no policy will cover against a Member just changing their mind about going ahead with an exchange and this is a small risk you must accept when arranging a home exchange). Shop around for the best deals on both flights and insurance to suit your needs.

Download Home Exchange Agreement