Why is My Listing Not Visible on HomeExchange.com?

1. Is your Listing’s visibility turned on?  
The most common reason you might not see your Listing is that the visibility is turned off. To see how to turn the visibility on, go to How Do I Hide or Show My Listing?

2. Is your Membership current?  
If your Membership has expired your Listing will not be visible to other Members. You will need to renew your Membership to make your Listing visible again.  

To check your Membership status, go to:    
Your Account > Account Detail > Subscription and billing 

You can renew your Membership at anytime from this page. 

3. Have you cancelled your Free Trial?  
If you have canceled your Free Trial and you have used all your remaining days, your Listing will not be visible on HomeExchange.com. You will need to join as a paying member to make your Listing visible again. You can join from the Membership Pricing or Account Details page.

4. Is your Listing complete?  
For your Listing to be visible, you need to
  • Fill in the title.
  • Completely fill in the address (include your street number and post code).
  • Add at least one photo.  
To check your title and address go to:

Your Account > Your Listing > Edit Listing > Your Home 
On this page make sure the Title and Address fields are filled in completely and correctly. Please fill out your full address including house number and your postal code.

Note: Your address is strictly confidential and will never appear anywhere on the website or on any correspondence with any other Members.  

If you’ve ruled out all of these solutions, and your Listing is still not visible, please contact our LiveChat team by clicking Need help? ASK ME at the bottom of the page.