Home Swapping with Kids

Traveling with kids can be a big challenge and a very expensive experience. Why would a family want to do a Home Exchange?


1. Home Exchange is Economical

For many families this is the #1 reason why they decided to become Home Exchange Members. The cost of a hotel could be over 50% of the entire cost of a family vacation. Imagine saving that money?! With a Home Exchange, you do. The only cost with home exchanging is the cost of Membership and the actual cost of traveling, like airfare.

2. You’ve Got a Dining Table and a Kitchen


Because you are in a home instead of a hotel, your can still have family meals around a table. No need to run around stressing where your next meal will be. And if your kids wake up at the crack of dawn, you know that a full kitchen is nearby to make a bowl of cereal or some frozen waffles.


3. Your Kids Get the Space to Play

As a parent doing Home Exchange, sometimes it is best to find other parent home exchangers with children around the same age as yours. That way, you can be sure that they have toys and books that your kids can play with.

4. You and Your Family Really Get to See How Other People Live

One of Home Exchange’s mottos is “Live Like a Local, Not a Tourist.” That’s what traveling is truly all about, right? You want you and your kids to experience how other people really live in other parts of the world – something that you truly get to experience when you exchange your home for another one.
Family traveling is a luxury, but you don’t have to pay luxury prices with a Home Exchange. In fact, you get that family vacation of your dreams without the high costs, but more of the memories and experiences!