Can I Be Contacted by Non-paying Members?

The 14-Day Free Trial program is was created to help more travelers understand and experience the amazing privileges of home exchanging. We also hope this Free Trial offer will provide the entire Community with even more exchange opportunities.

Of course, as you know, security and trust are essential to keeping the Community vibrant and rewarding. That's why the rules for adding a Listing under the 14-Day Free Trial program are exactly the same as those for full paying members. 

All 14-Day Free Trial Members must:
  • Supply a valid Credit Card or PayPal account
  • Supply accurate and verifiable data about their location
  • Restrict discussions about possible exchanges to this 14-Day period only (if a Trial Members cancels before the 15th day and does not become a fully Active Member, they will not be able to contact you again)

In summary, there's only one difference between a standard Active Membership and a 14-Day Free Trial Membership: the actual payment is delayed by 14 days. All other security and verification procedures are exactly the same as all Active Members.