How Do I Hide or Show My Listing?

You can hide or show your Listing by going to:

Your Account > Your Listing > Edit Listing 

In the left sidebar, you’ll see the Visibility options. Click on “Hide Listing” to make your Listing invisible. Click on “Show Listing” to make your Listing visible again. 

If the Visibility tool is disabled and you cannot show your Listing please check the Why is my Listing not visible? 

If you hide your Listing it will no longer be visible in our Search results and other Members will not be able to see it, resulting in fewer exchange inquiries. 

Your Listing will not be visible if the following minimum requirements are not included: 
  • Listing title
  • Full listing address
  • At least one Listing photo
Note: If your Listing’s address is not included in the Edit Listing page, the visibility feature will be disabled and you will not be able to make your Listing visible. To correct that you need to:

1. Enter the Listing address on the Edit Listing page. Please remember that we will never publicly display your exact address. Only an approximate location will be displayed. 

2. Now the visibility feature will work, so please choose “Show Listing”.

For long-time Members: In the past there was no option to include an address on your Edit Listing page. With the new system a correct Listing address is mandatory for a visible Listing. If you haven't entered your Listing’s address your Listing might be hidden. Please follow the steps detailed above and summarized here:

1. Enter your Listing’s address on Edit Listing > Your Home 
2. Choose “Show Listing” in the Visibility section

This will restore your Listing’s visibility.