What are Exchange Reviews?

Exchange Reviews are feedback Members write describing their exchange experience with one another. They include a written review and photos from the exchange. Exchange Reviews are published on both Listing and Profile pages.

Reviews are important. They help to maintain a safe and trustworthy Community, enable information sharing, and support informed decision making. Reviews are your opportunity to build a good reputation. Therefore, after each home exchange encourage your exchange partners to write a review for you. Of course, the best way to ask for a review is to write one first.

You can only write a review and upload your exchange photos for Members from our Community who have confirmed they have completed an exchange with you. When another Member has confirmed an exchange, and the exchange dates have passed, you can write your review and add photos to showcase what a great time you had. 

Example of an exchange confirmation, which will appear in your messaging once the exchange has been confirmed.
Example of an Exchange Review on a Profile page: