Why and How Should I Use the Exchange Agreement?

The Exchange Agreement is useful for keeping the exchange details clear and transparent. It helps to clearly set the most important details of your home swap. 

A handy, basic agreement is incorporated in every message conversation you have with another Member. This agreement is sent along with every message and you can use it to propose exchange details to the other side. 

1. When you send or receive a message you can use the Exchange Offer tool to set or modify exchange details.


2. Once the details have been set and agreed upon by both sides, you can 'Accept Exchange Offer' and press the 'Send an Agreement' button.


3. The other side is then notified you have accepted the offer. Now they can accept it or propose a modification. If they accept your proposal, you have a confirmed exchange.  Do not cancel without valid reasons, such as serious illness or a death in the family. 

4. Once the exchange is completed we will prompt you to add a review and photos from your trip. Learn why this is important here.