Getting Started

1. Create and Post Your Listing

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Once you have an Account it's easy to let others know about you and your home — create your Listing and your Profile. For best results make sure you read our Tips for a Great Listing and how to make your Listing visible.

2. Add Photos

Many photos generate higher confidence and greater interest. Using high quality photos will provoke more interest in your Listing. Also don’t forget to add photos of local attractions or a profile photo of you and your family to make your listing more personal! Check out our Great Home Photos Guide for more tips.


3. Find Your Match

We've developed many great features to help you find just the right exchange partner(s) for you. Read more about our advanced search features and how to use it to find exactly what you are looking for.

4. Send Lots of Inquiries 

Choose between 65,000+ homes, save the ones you like and use our secure Messaging system to get in touch with them. Be proactive and respond promptly to all messages you receive. Our Community Guidelines will give you the ground rules for keeping enjoyable for everybody.

5. Arrange an Exchange

Get to know your partner(s) and agree on dates and other details. When you are ready, sign a digital Exchange Agreement. Now the fun starts—get ready for your exchange vacation!